Suzuki Ensembles for Cello, Volume 5

Suzuki Ensembles for Cello, Volume 5 contains second, third, and fourth cello parts for all repertoire in the Suzuki Cello School, Book 5. Full score and four parts included.
  • A. Vivaldi — Sonata in E minor, Op. 14, No. 5 (all movements)
  • W.H. Squire — Danse Rustique (Op. 20, No. 5)
  • J.S. Bach — Arioso (from the Cantata 156)
  • G. Goltermann — Rondo (from the Concerto No. 4, Op. 65)
  • Instrumentation — Cello Quartet

This book provides cello teachers and students with accompaniment parts to the pieces found in Book 5 of the Suzuki Cello School. Inspired by Rick Mooney, who arranged and edited ensemble parts for books 1 through 4, this resource seeks to continue this great idea. These arrangements are intended for use in group class or studio recitals and provide students with an exciting challenge of re-creating the piano accompaniment in an ensemble experience. An additional version containing a single cello accompaniment part (for teachers without access to a piano) can be found here.


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